Our features

What do we do really good

We archive your documents in one single place

At Okidocs we archive all your documents in one place, so that when you need it you can go directly for them without further complication.

We control the expiration date

We take care to control the expiration date of your documents and we will notify you in advance so that you can renew them without any problem.

We notify you promptly

We take care to notify you promptly so that you do not miss a date. Your documentation always ready with Okidocs.

We control work equipment documentation with precision

Every detail of the documentation of your team will always be up to date with Okidocs. We control the documentation of the equipment with precision.

We keep a strict record of the activity

How, when and where. At Okidocs we keep a strict record of the activity so that not a single detail escapes you. You will know everything that has been done with it.

Security and ease with your documents

Safety is our number one priority. You can trust that all your documentation is always safe so you have maximum security and ease.