Pain points and solutions


  • Complex and confusing immigration visa process.
  • Most people don`t know what visa is right for them.
  • There is a lot of money involved and your life is on the line.
  • People make mistakes
  • The immigration process is long, complicated and stressful.
  • Comprehensive visa procedure.
  • Simply upload your support documents.
  • Friendly forms interface.
  • Review of your case by a professional.
  • 3 hours preparations time (average)
  • Submission instructions.
Intelivisa was inspired by student`s experiences with the immigration system and set out to create a solution that would help simplify and streamline the visa application process.


People make mistakes, and something as basic as submitting your date of birth in the correct format or choosing the wrong category of permits are common mistakes that happens every day.


We realized that we could make a difference by innovating the old process to make it more transparent and efficient.



Loss of residence


Economic sanctions


Country expels


Other Sanctions